Organizational Structure

Recovery Houses of Rochester provides sober living environments and peer support services utilizing peer support staff, house managers, program coordinator, volunteers and interns that ore supervised by the executive director and that are supported by the board of directors.

Recovery Houses of Rochester, Inc. Acceptance Criteria

RHR receives referrals from various providers in and outside the 9-county region. A phone screen is conducted by a member of RHR’s team. We conduct an interview with the potential resident and based on the interview that is shared with the intake coordinator and program coordinator as well as our peers, a decision is made to determine if we will accept that resident. 

Willingness to follow an alternative plan if the resident returns to using alcohol, drugs, or behavior challenges and inability to pay monthly rent charged to the resident is discussed at intake.

Weekly Meetings and Support

Our team facilitates weekly support and community meetings to discuss and celebrate residents’ progress and address challenges by sharing of experience strength and hope with each other.


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Helping Individuals Recover from Addiction

Recovery Houses of Rochester operates two recovery and transitional housing sites in the city of Rochester.