History and Recovery Model

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History and Recovery Model

Recovery Houses of Rochester was founded in November 2002. Its founder and executive director started Recovery Houses of Rochester after noticing the absence of sober living facilities for men, particularly men of color, who may also have a co-occurring mental health condition. Originally, Recovery Houses of Rochester employed and strictly adhered to the Oxford House model. However, after its first year in operation Recovery Houses of Rochester transitioned to a peer-based model of recovery. At Recovery Houses of Rochester, staff and peers work with intrinsically motivated residents to:

Identify recovery goals and develop a sustainable Individualized Living Plan.

Maintain total abstinence from all mood-altering chemicals.

Complete all outpatient clinical and mental health treatment.

Re-unite with immediate and extended family members.

Re-enter the community and find gainful employment thereby regaining their financial independence.

Recovery Houses of Rochester does not provide clinical services to residents.


Helping people to recover from addiction

Recovery Houses of Rochester operates two recovery and transitional housing sites in the city of Rochester.

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